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Bopup Communication Server

Instant Messaging (IM) server for internal and secure collaboration over corporate and business networks
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12 June 2015

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Secure messaging suite designed to build an efficient private communication over any size networks. The server offers centralized management, Active Directory (LDAP) support, message logging. Organize and take control over private business IM.

Features: Bopup Communication Server organizes, manages and controls all of your private and business IM communications. The server stores all the messages and then delivers to the recipients. Thus, there is no chance of anyone losing any messages meant for them ever. It provides features for meeting business needs. Management is central, Active Directory Support, message logging, easy deployability etc help you meet your business needs. Deploy the solution over all the locations of your business into a unified messaging environment. Messaging group control, user permission to view others` messages and send messages, archival system as well as printing support. Messaging is encrypted with strong algorithms so personal and group conversations are safe and secure even if messages are sent via the Internet.

Messages sent can include formatted text, links, smileys You are able to organize personal contact lists which also indicates if your addressee is on-line. Client pop-ups inform you of any message availability. These pop ups remain on top and remains visible until confirmed by you having seen it. User authentication is available in couple of modes. It has a simple one that accepts the login id or a private one where private login & password to accept outside locations. Client messengers are easily deployed via group policies and through the simple interface. Enable message exchange even if some users are currently not available. An offline message is automatically delivered by the IM server to the recipient when the latter goes online. Send urgent messages for high-priority tasks and notifications. You can send notifications and urgent messages and keep users updated on any events and information. These messages are automatically delivered by the server at the scheduled time at specified intervals.

Overall: A nice and comprehensive solution for company-wide messaging solution. It is quite easy to use too.

Publisher's description

Bopup Communication Server is an instant messaging server for private IM, internal chat and secure collaboration over corporate and business networks. It provides Active Directory support and integration, message and file archiving, offline messaging and document distribution with a strong encryption of transmitted data. The server offers various authentication modes to accept user connections, manages user groups from a single place, supports and handles easy and very effective distribution of documents and important events from the IM server to employees and users.
Since the communication server is designed for business and enterprise-level environments it is intended to install and organize a private and internal chat system and real-time communication platform for companies with no outside access too. Bopup Communication Server is easy and fast to set up which takes about few minutes to get completed. It comes with embedded SQL server to host it's database or can be installed using an existing MS SQL Server software.
The communication server includes a built-in functionality to upgrade IM client software with uploading new versions of the messengers on the server. End-user messaging applications can be also distributed and deployed with pre-installed settings and options that reduces an overall time of software setup. And the IM client branding feature lets upload company's image, logotype on the communication server and show it in the messengers interface. It is highly important for companies and organizations that want to get their messaging software in an unique corporate style. Supported IM clients include stand-alone applications for Windows OS and Android platform.
Bopup Communication Server is offered for FREE to companies and offices that are interested in a small amount of the IM client licenses.
Bopup Communication Server
Bopup Communication Server
Version 4.3.17
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